Announcing our Monthly $20,000 Premium Sponsorship Pool!

Hello everybody!

I want to thank you all for your amazing support and feedback you have given us from our recent subscription launch.  This decision was not made lightly and we truly believe it is the first step of many towards creating the leading web comics and manga platform on the web.

To show you how serious we are in our beliefs, we are extremely excited to announce the creation of a USD $20,000 Monthly Premium Author Sponsorship Pool!  We have been working and debating about this for quite some time and are very happy to finally roll it out!

So what exactly is this pool?

  1. Each premium author will be paid a portion of the $20,000 pool each month based on the traffic they bring to the site.  Traffic will be calculated as a mix of page views and unique visitors.  Bring in 10% and you get $2000.  Simple!
  2. Each premium author will be paid a minimum of $150 no matter how much traffic they bring in.
  3. You give up ZERO content, distribution and any other rights.  There is NO CATCH here from a content rights standpoint.  We do not own any of your rights and you can take your content elsewhere whenever you wish!  No fancy legal agreements, nothing!

What are the terms and conditions?

  1. You must be a premium author
  2. You must have published at least 15 pages for that month (cover and content pages.  Ads/copyright don’t count).
  3. As a premium artist, your content is subject to the subscription wall.
  4. That’s it!  We are not joking about this being no strings attached!

Why are we doing this?  I can promise you we haven’t received a flood of subscribers in the last few days to justify such a large pool.  In short, it is because we believe in you.  We believe in this amazing community!  We believe it is the right time to invest to make MangaMagazine the single destination on the web for amazing web manga and comics.  So we are putting our money where our mouths are!  We also believe this system is a much simpler and less complicated method than signing a long legal agreement then agreeing on distribution rights, payments, etc etc!  We want to make it so irresistible for you to stay with us that there is no logical reason for you to go anywhere else!

So when does this start?  This pool begins on November 1st and will be paid out within a few days of the end of each month!

If we missed anything please do not hesitate to contact us!  We would really appreciate your help in re-tweeting, re-blogging, anything to help get the word out of this pool!  Let’s get all the forums and bloggers talking about this!  The more people we get interested in this the bigger we can make this pool!

Thank you again for all your support in creating this amazing community,




How are we going to make money that justifies paying so much money?

A combination of three things.  Subscription, advertising, and a marketplace.  You now have seen our subscription system, next is to refine the marketplace (online store) that we launched so it is much more comprehensive and useful to all of you, and lastly also start integrating advertising in tasteful locations.

Can I get demoted?

Nothing has changed from before.  99% of the time we demote because an author simply disappears off the face of the earth or asks to be demoted!

What happens if I do not upload enough that month?

You will not be paid your portion of the sponsorship pool.  Reader come to this site expecting professional quality work done by professionals.  Everybody knows ahead of time what the expectation is so you can build a small buffer to plan ahead for vacations or random issues that occur.

Will the pool get bigger?

Most definitely if we can!  We REALLY want to be able to justify this.  So help get the word out!  The more users, authors, and subscriptions that come to our site, the more we can justify a larger pool!

Help spread the word about MangaMagazine!

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