New Author Promotions (March)

Hope everyone has had a good February! As we head into March, we’re proud to present these new promotions!

Premium Promotion

Lost Nightmare by Miyuli.

Adorable mixed with the macabre is one of many reasons you shouldr ead our amazing new Premium series, Lost Nightmare!

Summary: Lost Nightmare is a webcomic about the little Nightmare Ink. He is supposed to become the next Bogeyman but he does not really want to be scary.






Featured Promotion

Apocalypse 99 by -BLKMatrX-

Summary: Princess of The Underworld VS. The New Breed of Zombies!







How I Loathe Being a Magical Girl by NomnomNami

Summary: The story of Magical Girl Princess Amelia, and her ongoing fight against evil… and her destiny!







Sword Princess Amaltea by NataliaBatista

Summary: In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is power, a young princess is sent on the biggest quest of her life – to rescue a prince in need! But when she does, the prince is not so willing after all…







Chess Time by EUDETENIS

Summary: What would you do if you discovered that the world you live in is only a representation of reality? Do you surrender to despair? Or do you fight the adversities? Chess Time follows the story of several pieces on the board of the struggling eternity. These games decide the events in the world we live in, but with living pieces.







Congratulations to all our new authors and be sure to let us know what you think of these new promotions!

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Sorry, Subscription Issue

Hi everybody,

As part of our site updates this week we realized we made a mistake and let a bug slip through which should not have been allowed to.  Specifically, for the last day or so all comics whether they are Premium, Featured, or Member will show the subscription wall for the latest content.  This was not intentional and we are very sorry for this mistake.  We have always said that subscriptions were only for Premium comics on our site and that position has not changed.  Our engineers worked furiously in the last day to fix it and as of last night this issue should not exist anymore.

We will be putting in place extra steps to never let this happen again.  If any of you accidentally purchased a subscription please feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us form and we will make sure to help you out.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I speak for everybody on the MangaMagazine team by saying we very sorry for letting this happen and for any confusion or inconvenience it may have caused for you as a reader or author on our site.  Our team works really hard to deliver an amazing experience on this site and I hope you do not think less of us for this.



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Strip for Valentine’s Day Contest.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and as such we’re announcing a Strip for Valentine’s Day contest!  Don’t worry, it’s not what you think!

Starting from today, we’re running a month long comic strip contest! To enter all you need to do is create a comic strip themed around the idea of ‘love’. Have somebody you haven’t spoken with in a long time?  Want to tell your parents how much you appreciate them?  Want to express your love of donuts?   Anything goes!

Rules: Of course there are rules to follow in our strip contest!

  • One Entry Per Person.
  • Entries must be posted to
  • Fan works will not be allowed.
  • All entries are due by March 14th!

Prizes: What do the winners get?

  • 1st Place – $100
  • 2nd Place – $50
  • 3rd Place – $25

Judging: We’re super excited to see all the creative strips that you guys can create! As such we’ve assembled an elite team of judges to pick out the very best entry!  They are:

How to participate:  Upload your entry to your illustrations, then simply click the link below and leave a comment with a link to your comic strip!

Enter here!

The fine print:
Prizes will be paid via Paypal so you must have a Paypal account!

Have fun comicking and may the best stripper win!

-The Community Team.

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New Author Promotions (February)

The month of love is upon us! As such we’ve got new promotions we think you’ll completely adore!

Featured Promotion

Spidersilk by Alakotila

Summary: Ah, Kalviva! A bright, bustling city. It’s a crossroad for trade and all kinds of people have made their way there. Sometimes … very strange people.

Kalviva is also home to the biggest, most impressive, thief system. Prentice, following his exiled brother from the north, has made his way to Kalviva. He stumbles into one such thief cell (much to the embarrassment of his guildmates). Casting aside his strict warrior training doesn’t come easily. His attempts at fitting in are nearly as bad as his attempts at thieving. However, the thieves live comfortably, certain of their protection, certain of their domain, and certain of each other. It is this stability Prentice seeks.

But perhaps they are a little too comfortable. They will be hard pressed to handle what happens. Read more >>



Autophobia by G.H.S.T.
Summary: Louis Beau is a perfectionist and anxiety-ridden eleventh-grader attending Roseborough High. He lives with his strict and somewhat neglectful father, and constantly tries to best himself to make his father proud. His life, however, runs off course when he befriends Daniel, his ostrasized classmate, and the two soon find themselves in a secret love affair. Louis struggles with his sexuality, and his growing fondness of Daniel, all the while trying to gain the approval of his father, his peers, and ultimately, his self. Read more >>






禱 – Dao by Ishton

Summary: In a world where the line between fantasy and reality is thin, Feral Earhart, a young Lion from a land far away, has now to take it upon himself to save the world.To do so he and his friends have to find an ancient power that was created along with the universe itself, if they ever want to stand a chance against “The ones that forever shall be.” Read more >>








Hotblood! by STARLOCK

Summary: Hotblood! follows the adventures James Evander Leicester Rook (a total washout Civil War vet who happens to be a centaur), Asa Langley (America’s most irreverent steel industry icon and Rook’s employer), and a great deal of money. The year is 1871. Read more >>




Congratulations to all our new authors and be sure to let us know what you think of these new promotions!

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New stuff!

Welcome to our new and improved site!  The entire developer and community team has been hard at work the last few months getting this awesome new look out as well as a bunch of improvements based on your feedback!  We hope you like all the improvements we made throughout the site.

We highly recommend you check out the totally revamped dashboard which now comes with notifications and a bookshelf to easily stay up to date on all the comics you follow.

We also heard your feedback that the favorite system was very confusing and made it very difficult to keep your dashboard feed relevant.  So we made the favorite system easier to understand by separating it out into:  Add to bookshelf, Follow a creator, Like an illustration, and Like a blog.  We hope this makes it much easier to see much more amazing content that you want to see!
We have a lot more improvements coming out in the next couple weeks so stay tuned for more amazing stuff!

If you have any questions or run into any bugs please feel free to send us a note through our contact us page and we’ll get on it immediately!


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Interview: Shamrock by Ashikai

Ashikai is the artist of our latest Premium title, Shamrock! Check it out in the Premium Section!

First off, well done on your promotion, Ashikai!
That’s my speechless face. Thank you much, kind sir~

We’ll start at the beginning, how did you get into the whole art scene?
Crayons. Crayons and finger paint. I used them to draw my scenes of art.

Seriously though, I was the child who wanted to draw on everything; the walls, tables, my face… I have pictures of me in kindergarten and first grade sitting in a classroom full of clean kids… except for me and my paint-spattered face. Good times. =u=

Besides that, my Mom is a pretty amazing artist, so I was around art stuff my whole life. I remember stealing her sketchbooks and trying to copy her drawings on the next page. She used to laugh when she’d open them up and find my hideous little attempts at replicating her art pieces in her books. I refused to believe her advice (“Use shapes when you draw! Don’t just outline!”) as a kid, though.

We moved around a lot to tons of different cities, and being an only child I had to find things to do, especially when I started at a new school and didn’t have any friends yet. Art was convenient, and it kept me busy… and out of trouble (which was probably more the point).

I understand that Shamrock isn’t the first comic you worked on, can you tell us a little bit about some of those earlier comics?
*insert sputtering noises here*
Uhhhhh… Welp, besides the odd Pokémon fan comic, I have a fantasy series called GreyRune, a golf comic called ParFour (joint project with a writer), a literary adventure comic called Pen15 (or The 15th Pen, also done with a writer) and a slice of life diary comic called Reality-U.

Reality-U is technically complete, very short, and was made as a documented history of the crazy times in college. Believe it or not, there are no strips about parties or anything like that. I just happened to have the weirdest classmates and even weirder teachers. Lucky me!

The 15th Pen is a moderately short story about a little girl who gets sucked into a Sherlock Holmes novel (literally) and discovers that literary classics are getting re-written. She ends up befriending a whole cast of characters from famous literary classics and they hop from book to book in order to collect the 15 pens of the authors in order to prevent the classics from being rewritten. It’s a cool project, probably about five-ish volumes total. I’ll probably pick this one back up eventually.

ParFour was a slice of life comic about a teenage kid who loves golf and a girl in his class… hijinks ensue. This was the comic that made me realize that slice of life really isn’t my thing. I completed the first chapter but never went beyond that. Don’t think I’ll be finishing it.

GreyRune is like, my comic baby. It’s the ultimate form of the first fantasy story I ever wrote, and it’s a story I really, REALLY want to

work on. It’s based on Norse Mythology and serves as an exploration of cultures, religions and politics around the world and what really makes them different. The story follows the adventures of a short-tempered dragoon-dropout-turned-blacksmith named Loki, as she accompanies Saelier, a young emmisary from Alfheim. Saelier is entrusted with the task of investigating the sudden decline in the world’s mana supply. This is the story that I’ll be working on after Shamrock is finished. :)

What was it about Shamrock that made you decide to work on this as a main series?
I don’t remember. Shamrock was originally a romance, you know; it was supposed to be about a bassist and a singer, and it was only supposed to be like, 50 pages. I don’t remember when or why it turned into a ghost story. Like I mentioned earlier, slice of life/romances are totally not my thing.
Once it turned into a ghost story, I thought Shamrock would be great practice for me before I startedGreyRune. It was only supposed to be three volumes.

That didn’t happen. >_>;;

You seem to put a lot of thought into the scientific principles behind the Gates and Poltergeists in Shamrock, was it difficult to put all that together?
Was it difficult? No. I love science-y things~~~

When it came time to address the battle aspect of this comic, I decided that I wanted to make it as fundamentally sound as possible. Rather than just say, “It works cuz IT’S MAGIC,” I wanted to make a system that was believable. I also wanted a female lead who was a science nut.

But there was this one moment when I was reading a chapter of YuYuHakusho… the main character, Yusuke, just kept pulling more and more power out of NOWHERE and then getting the stuffing beat out of him. He’d then miraculously pull our MOAR POWAH and… well, the battles just started lacking any sense of intensity. =\

That was the point where I decided that my main character should be relatively weak, and win with more eclectic approaches, or maybe some crazy science on the fly (like making use of the electrical conductivity of water or copper if the environment allowed for it, etc). The result was Sam. I’ll be honest, I think she’s just going to get crazier as the series goes on. Crazy is fun to write.

I love the designs of the Gates in Shamrock! How do you go about putting those together?
Oooo, uhh… hm. I don’t… know? ^^a

I actually really struggle with monster designs on most levels. I think Shamrock is good for me because there’s one really solid rule that I have to abide by whenever I create any Gate: it has to be based on a real object.

So if I need a Gate immediately, I just look around my house thinking, “What would be the most messed up item to turn in to a horror movie monster…?” I’ve mostly used mundane objects so far, partially because those are the easiest to recognized when they’re all mutated, and partially because… the gates encountered so far aren’t really important to the plot, so I’d prefer if they were less memorable.

There are cases in the story where a Poltergeist mutates just like a Gate would, and for that I normally free-form it. There’s usually a theme to the design that relates character, as well as the object that got mutated. I’d like to say that I really dig into a character’s psyche in order to utilize symbolism and stuff, but I don’t ever really think too deeply about it. Symbolism that appears is entirely coincidental. Ironically, there’s a lot of it. XD

We’ve talked about comics you’ve worked on in the past, but any series you’re planning for the future?
Like I mentioned earlier, I’m definitely working on GreyRune when Shamrock finishes. After that I’m not really sure. I’m currently writing a musical animated movie called The Goose Girl and a premise/plot for a video game (which I’m actually going to pitch so I can’t give details here for legal reasons). Other than that, not really. I’m actually one of those rare artists that doesn’t have many story ideas.

Any words of wisdom you’d like to impart on young artists?
Never give up, never surrender!

Oh, and keep moving forward. As tempting as it is to go back and redraw/rewrite your comics, try to finish a story first. If you never get passed the first chapter, you’ll never get anywhere, and no one wants to be stuck in the eternal re-do loop of doom.

O.o <–I’m watching you. No re-dos.

That’s great! Thanks for your time and best of luck with Shamrock!
Thank you. Best of luck to you all, and to all a good read! *twirls off into the sunset*



Guest: Ashikai

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New Author Promotions (January)

Happy New Year! Let’s start off 2014 with a brand new set of promotions that we think you’ll enjoy!
Premium Promotion
NeverenD by VanRah.

New to our premium section, a series of fairy tales with a twist!

Summary: A dreamlike and forgotten world which could only be reached by Dream Weavers, the only persons able to make their wishes come to life.

Discover a series of tales, adapted from the best known myths, each one taking place in a fantastic world where legends come to life and where everything becomes possible.

Welcome to Neverend….






Featured Promotion
Lost Nightmare by Miyuli
Summary: Lost Nightmare is a webcomic about the little Nightmare Ink. He is supposed to become the next Bogeyman but he does not really want to be scary. Read more >>






Only Human by Sinlaire
Summary: 500 years after the end of human civilization and drastic change of earth caused by wars, in order to survive, mankind use their advance technology to transfer their mind into mechanical body called Automa. After so many decades passed, what left from the past glory of human is a few surviving number of Automa and old Droids who lived within the ruins of human civilization.

But one day, a man who known as “Doctor” and his assistant Yurika found something they never seen for hundreds years. Read more >>




Congratulations to all our new authors and be sure to let us know what you think of these new promotions here!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!

2014 is upon us now and while we have big hopes for the coming year, now is the time for us to take a look back on the eventful year that was 2013!

In the year of 2013 not only did we launch our printing service for our authors, but it also saw the unveiling of our Marketplace! We created the dashboard for our readers with more great improvements to come! This isn’t even mentioning all the great events and contests that have been going on in the community this year such as the always popular Mega Melee Match!

We also welcomed many great comics to our Premium section!
-Witch’s Quarry
-Grey is…
-Stray Dog
-Urban Reality
-Trouble Next Door
-Sandra and Woo
-Prague Race
-The Wastelands
-E-Depth Angel

Another well-deserved congratulations to all these series and their artists, as well as a congratulations to all the new featured series we saw during 2013. We are proud of all our artists and are honoured to be helping them all further their careers. We hope that we can offer our help to even more artists in 2014!

Lastly we would be remiss if we did not mention all of our wonderful readers who throughout 2013 have supported both us and our artists in many wonderful ways. From commenting to buying subscriptions, every piece of support you give us is appreciated and we could not do what we do without all your help. We hope that you’ll continue to take part in our community as it continues to grow into the near year!

So we hope you all had an amazing 2013 and here’s hoping to an even better 2014!

-MM Community Team!

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Interview: Shinbuki by Asamiya

Asamiya is the artist of our latest Premium title, Shinbuki! Check it out in the Premium Section!

How did you get started as an artist?

I’ve liked drawing since childhood, and I usually created manga and let my childhood friend read them. However, I had never completed any manga story. After my graduation, I continued working and stayed away from my brushes for a while. In 2008, I started got back into manga creation again. That manga was not Shinbuki. I continued that manga for 6 chapters and found out that there were lots of satisfactory parts, so I decided to start my longest manga story.

In 2010, the first chapter of Shinbuki had been launched to the Thai market, while I was working in a Japanese company. Shinbuki went viral with Thai fans. Then, in late 2013, I became the full-time professional manga creator of Shinbuki.

What inspired you to start making comics of your own?
I’ve liked comics, animations and movies since I was young. Although I have lots of favorites, none of them is my absolute favorite. When I watch movies, I usually question myself, “Why is the story is not going the way I think”, or “I think the story can be improved and it would be more attractive.” So, when there is no movie/story plot that can be my favorite, why don’t I create one to satisfy my desire? That was the start of Shinbuki.

Let’s talk a little about Shinbuki, what kind of series is it?
Since the main reason behind Shinbuki was to make a story plot in my way, I would say that the characters of Shinbuki, are different from any other manga in the world’s market.

Shinbuki characters do not use traditional weapons.
I don’t like the duels between characters with the weapons like swords. Shinbuki is a weapon created from the mind and power of each character. That is, no matter how bad the situation is, even without any normal sword, if the character has good mind power, he/she can create the weapon to solve the situation.

None of Shinbuki characters are immortal.
I don’t like any other series where good side characters are immortal, or never die. In some comics, the good side characters may be dead, but can resurrect later in unreasonable situations. So, when creating Shinbuki, I intended to make both good and dark side characters have same chance of dying. With this idea, the story will be unpredictable, and the reader will be thrilled and follow the story closely.

Shinbuki is the fast running story.
I do not like some other comics that spend one or two full chapters at the same scene; the story moves too slowly. You won’t see this kind of situation in Shinbuki. Shinbuki still has a long story, so there is no need for me to waste the reader’s time on the same scene for many chapters.

Fighting scene in Shinbuki is continuous and understandable.
I tried to make Shinbuki’s fighting scenes beautiful and with the logical reason for who will be the winner in that scene. So, you will see lots of scenes in Shinbuki that the higher level characters is defeated by the lower level character with a clever fighting strategy.

What inspired you to start working on Shinbuki as a story?
I would like Shinbuki be one of the manga that people around the world have to read at least once in their lifetime.

Your costume and weapon designs are very interesting. What was the process you used to design them?
I always have a fun time when designing the characters and their clothes. The lace on Shinbuki’s lady characters especially make clothing designs pop into my head. And, for the weapons used in Shinbuki, I usually gather the ideas from game websites. Those are all sources of my ideas.

What is the most fun part of working on a chapter of Shinbuki?
I usually spend a half day for character designing and the characters’ speech in each scene, and never get tired. This means, I really enjoy it so much that I don’t know how much time passed.

Aside from Shinbuki, are there any other comics you’d like to work on one day?
As said above, before Shinbuki started, I had some manga in the works. But for now, I breathe for Shinbuki only.

Before we let you go, any parting words of advice you’d like to give to aspiring artists?
Being a comic writer must be from your personal inspiration in order to move forward. What I would like to suggest new writers is:
1. To practice and practice. The more artwork you produce, the more improvements in skill you get. Although in the beginning, you may not be able to make big money, you should use that short time to draw as much as you can.
2. Drawing via pencil may be suggested by others, but I would say to use the pen and brush.
3. You should write the story in your own way. Copying others may not be useful to you in the long term.
4. Do not write only still characters. Drawing only still characters will not  improve your character’s movement. Drawing moving characters will help you a lot when you have action scenes in your future manga.
5. If you ever contact any publishing company and get discouraged by some editors there, don’t give up or quit your dream. They are just critics who may never write a real comic. I would say that there are so many open opportunities to publish your comic. Online publication is also a good channel. is one of the best.

Thanks for your time and good luck in the future!
You’re welcome. Thanks


Guest: Asamiya

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New Author Promotions (December)

The Christmas season is and this month we’ve got two brand new premium series and three great featured series for you to check out!

Premium Promotion

Shinbuki by Asamiya.

First to be welcomed to the premium section this month, the magical adventure that is, Shibuki!

Summary: Shinbuki, or Weapon of Mind, was a fighting skill that changed one’s energy into varies weapons. The summoned Shinbuki was much stronger than any ordinary weapon, thus the teaching was expended. Soma Kenichi, a stray, was able to summon Shinbuki by himself with no one to teach him. While Soma was chased by an unknown organization, he met a famous Master of Miyazaki, prompting him to know that he was a special one called Tensaiji. Read more >>








Shamrock by Ashikai

Secondly we’re happy to invite you join Team Shamrock in another great premium promotion!

Summary: Isaac’s curiosity gets the best of him when he decides to follow a classmate who’s not at all what she appears to be. Samantha Rockman is a gate keeper; a person who hunts down everyday objects that have been mutated into monster-like forms by ghosts! Isaac’s normal life takes a turn for the bizarre when Sam offers him a position as her ghost hunting partner! Will Isaac take her up on her offer, or will he try to return to his normal life? Read more >>







Featured Promotion

QUARK by Qima 

Summary: Genoua Gen , also known as “Senile Satan”, has became hot topic for the last few years

He is looking for “The Collectors” that spread around the world. Some people thinks that he is a hero, but the others thinks he is like a pest which must be killed.
But . .
What is the purpose behind his action?






SPLIT by kkai, DahaeBaik

Summary: Sakuya Mori lives a clean and simple life. He works as a highly ranked employee at an advertising agency. He has interesting, but sometimes irritating friends. He’s well respected, makes well above the average of self-sustainability and overall, very easy on the eyes.

So where does the conflict of his story begin? Well naturally, it would begin in his head. Read more >>







Sorcery Club by Maiki

Summary: A story about high-school girl Kanon who gets involved with magical misadventures due to meeting the members of a strange school club called the “Sorcery Club”. (Japanese title: Majutsu Kenkyuukai) Read more >>








Congratulations to all our new authors!

Be sure to let us know what you think of these new promotions!

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